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My Digital Soul


"I am a man of many contradictions, and have never had a purposeful or set mind. My dreams and aspirations evade me..."

Alwyn Ash, 13 March 16

Reading an article recently about what we leave behind on social media upon our death got me thinking: what is a digital soul? In recent months I have found myself obsessed with my own mortality, and the fear of not being around. True, once it happens, I won't be aware of anything to know(?), but isn't it important for those we leave behind to give something of ourselves that they can look back on with pride? I think so, and have chosen to create a digital soul, right here on my personal website.

A digital soul can be anything. The important thing is that this page acts as a memorial of who I once was: my passions and interests, feelings and desires. Memories. I will share some personal photos, too. Those who knew me can visit here and remember. Those who didn't know me, well, welcome to my home on the Web! I will continue to update this part of my website until I am unable (and date each entry). One day, it will stand as a digital embodiment of Alwyn Ash.

It stands as a digital embodiment of Alwyn Ash.


I was born on Wednesday 18th December 1974 at the West Cheshire Hospital. Upon being discharged I was taken to the temporary family home: a single caravan located in Commonside Park, Alvanley, Cheshire.

That same year President Richard Nixon resigned (Watergate Scandal 1972-74), to be replaced by Vice-President Gerald R. Ford as the 38th President of the United States of America; Emperor Haile Selassie, of Ethiopia, was overthrown after a revolution; and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe wed fiancée Sonia Szurma.

Barry White was number one in the UK charts with the hit ‘You’re The First, The Last, My Everything’ for two weeks that December (7 December-20 December).

I was a healthy 5-1b, 9-oz baby. - Alwyn Ash - 13/3/16


I was once convinced there were "monsters" in my bedroom. I was only five years old but these strange-looking phantoms just wouldn't go away. The scary part: they remained even when I closed my eyes. My first conscious experience of Eye floaters!

"Eye floaters can be clumpy or stringy; light or dark. They are caused by clumps or specks of undissolved vitreous gel material floating in the dissolved gel-like fluid (vitreous) in the back of the eye, which cast shadows on the retina when light enters the eye."

- Alwyn Ash - 26/3/16

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